Coming Soon is your number one online shopping site in Canada. We are an online store where you can purchase all your Coffee needs particularly organic coffee from Uganda,Kenya,Rwanda,Ethiopia and from other East African (EA) Countries as well as groceries and beauty care products at very reasonable prices. Also, is an online retail arm owned by the,, and group the online fashion and athletic apparel brands retailers whose headquarters is based in Vancouver BC, Canada.Particularly is specialized in both organic and non-coffee from Uganda East Africa and the world as a whole as well as in the exclusive import and distribution of premium organic brands from Canada, Uganda, Brazil,USA,Peru.Chile and worldwide. All our products are certified organic and we carry a large range of products that are certified gluten-free and vegan. Our brands,which have been selected based on strict quality standards, some products may also be found in local stores and supermarkets of our retail partners across Canada. We also supply a wide range of products to the food service segment. This online store intends to provide more information about our brands and to create a platform where we can introduce more exotic and specialized products,benefiting our customers, suppliers, and retail partners. Weare constantly striving to improve our products and practices inorder to enhance human health, the environment, and animal welfare.Here are some of our guiding principles and objectives: ORGANIC All our products are certified organic, in compliance with Canada's organic standards which are among the most recognized in the world,and place strict limits and prohibitions on the use of toxic and persistent pesticides; synthetic fertilizers; the routine use of drugs, antibiotics or synthetic hormones; animal cloning; genetic engineering (“GMOs”); sewage sludge (“biosolids”);.(TheCOR is a non-traditional regime for the CFIA. The SFCR provides afederal program for the regulation of Canadian organic products. And the COR is designed to build on the existing system of domesticaccreditation and certification as well as with strict European organic farming methods:-the responsible use of energy and natural resources - The maintenance of biodiversity - Preservation of regional ecological balances - Enhancement of soil fertility - Maintenance of waterquality. HEALTH-PROMOTING We offer products with the highest level of purity possible and that are made with healthy ingredients. Our products are by and large, and wherever possible,made with minimum ingredients, whole grains, low or no added sugars/salts, without additives and flavoring. RESPECT FORANIMAL WELFARE Almost all of our products and ingredients areplant-based, except for a small number of items, such as biscuits,which are made with ingredients that include dairy, eggs, or honey.We are gradually phasing out these products and plan to replace them with plant-based alternatives. PLASTIC SUBSTITUTION Wehave been working with our suppliers in order to improve product packaging and to reduce the use of plastic Weare also currently looking for solutions that will allow us to reducethe use of plastic in our wrapping and deliveries. We will offer more bulk options and solutions to stores whenever possible. REDUCEDEMISSIONS FROM TRANSPORTATION We will look into ways to reduceour carbon footprint in transportation by selecting and prioritizing transport companies that use environmentally friendly vehicles andpractices. Over time, we also plan to introduce local Canadian products, that will reduce our carbon footprint and generate gains tothe local community. TRACEABILITY Our products undergo quality tests and can be traced back to their origin. We also have aclose knowledge and relation with our suppliers with whom we meetregularly.If you are using our products or services and would like to make any comments or suggestions to improve our products and services, we would

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